There are limited studies in the plastic surgery literature that detail technical considerations in simultaneous breast implant removal and mastopexy procedures. These procedures are difficult, with significant potential for complications and poor cosmesis. The current plastic surgery literature describes a limited number of techniques that address these concerns, virtually all of which are variants of superior or superior medial pedicle vertical pattern mastopexy. This paper details a safe technique for simultaneous explantation and mastopexy with a novel open marking pattern and vertical bipedicle, which can restore breast cosmesis following implant removal. The study will briefly retrospectively review the results of a consecutive series of 86 patients who underwent this procedure from November 2018 to November 2019, with no incidence of partial or total nipple-areola complex necrosis. Thus, the technique is safe and allows the flexibility for intraoperative adjustments that are necessary for these procedures. A future study will conduct a more in-depth analysis of the results.

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