The demographic trend of an ageing society is mirrored in the rising number of hospitalized geriatric patients in Germany. However, there is still a wide gap of knowledge regarding the dermatological diseases, comorbidities and performed procedures within this growingly important group of patients. The study was conducted as a retrospective monocentric data analysis of all patients 65 years or older from the Department of Dermatology, Medical Center-University of Freiburg, Germany. In total, 10,009 individual hospitalisations were included from 2009 to 2017, and there was a notable increase of geriatric patients in the study period. This study illustrates the following: leading major diagnoses included malignant neoplasm of the head and neck, ulcerated and non-ulcerated inflammatory spectrum of chronic venous insufficiency, whereas angina pectoris, type 2 diabetes and cardiac diseases were noted most frequently as secondary diagnoses. Patients with venous diseases had considerably more often cardiopulmonary minor diagnoses, whereas endocrine diagnoses peaked in the cohort of patients with psoriasis and psychiatric and muscululoskeletal disorders in patients with bullous dieseases. Moh’s surgery, dressings and multimodal dermatological treatments were the most often encoded procedures.