Since Coronavirus COVID‐19 has become a pandemic, extensive literature has been produced. The most typical symptoms of COVID‐19 disease are fever, cough, anosmia, and lymphocytopenia. However, other less common clinical signs have been described, including skin lesions. We conducted a systematic review to evaluate skin involvement in COVID‐19. The authors performed a systematic review of studies following the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic and Meta‐Analysis (PRISMA). They reiterated the research work until May 06, 2020.

Overall, 1593 patients (M/F ratio: 1: 9) with suspects of COVID‐19 were examined. The mean age was 37.8 (range 0–91) years. Among the analyzed patients, 84 (5.3%) were pediatrics (<18 years). Chilblains are very common among skin lesions and represent almost half of all skin lesions reported (46%); in 75% of patients with cutaneous manifestation, the latter presented before other typical clinical presentation of COVID‐19. Vasculitis or thrombosis was identified in almost 70% of patients who suffered from skin manifestations. The present study highlights the importance of skin involvement in COVID‐19. They should examine the report to foresee the onset of different typical symptoms eventually. Chilblains can be considered distinctive features. Studies with more substantial scientific evidence are required.