Social media has a significant influence on all parts of life throughout the world. However, the use of social media for occupational lung illness has been considerably more limited. This article reviews recent research on the use of social media for occupational lung illness and recommends topics for further research. Social media are employed in six areas that are important to this study: information distribution, peer-to-peer communication, survey research data collecting, participatory research and exposome data acquisition, analyzing public concerns, and knowledge production. Although there are evident benefits to knowledge transmission from experts to employees and on a peer-to-peer basis, questions about reliability and veracity continue. Social media has been used in research to acquire data uploaded for non-research objectives as well as to effectively collect information particularly for study. The advantages of efficiency, democratization, and extremely big data sources may outweigh concerns about poor recruitment strategy definition and limited control over data quality.

The potential advantages of utilizing social media for lung health–workplace relations outweigh the extremely limited present use.