sIgE and sIgG4 to house-dust mite (HDM) major allergens during AIT and their clinical relevance remain unclear.

Researchers conducted this study to investigate the variation of sIgE and sIgG4 to HDM significant allergens and the correlation with clinical responses during AIT in patients with allergic rhinitis.

Thirty-nine patients with HDM allergy were divided into the AIT group and the control group. According to symptom relief and subjective evaluation, the AIT group was subdivided into the nAIT group and pAIT group. sIgE and sIgG4 to Dp and Df, and their group 1 and group 2 significant allergens were measured before AIT, at six months, and at one year after starting AIT.

Dp2, Df, and Df2 sIgE values decreased significantly in the pAIT group versus the nAIT group after one year of AIT. The study concluded that patients with a positive response to AIT showed a significant reduction of HDM group 2 sIgEs compared with those with an adverse reaction to AIT, which indicated a decrease in group 2 sIgEs, a marker that reflected AIT clinical efficacy.