Spine diseases have become so common these days. People are having spine diseases and that can exhibit various causes like trauma, degeneration, congenital issues, etc. different people face and experience different kinds of symptoms of spine diseases during their lifetime. Studies say that there are fewer spine diseases that end up with surgery. In most cases, it can be improved with proper medication and exercises. Accuracy in the diagnosis is a very important thing in this case. Therefore the doctors and surgeons use different diagnostic modalities to find out the pinpoint problem. The modalities that are being used for the diagnosis of spine diseases are computed tomography, radiography, magnetic resonance imaging or MRI, single-photon emission, bone scan, electrophysiologic test, etc.

For any kind of spine disease, the use of diagnostic modality is very essential. The patients should be aware of the importance of the modalities. In modern days CT scan, MRI, electrophysiologic tests and radiotherapy has become so popular in order to diagnose most of the spine diseases. Spine disease must be taken seriously in any situation. Otherwise, it might exhibit causes for various other diseases. And to diagnose it properly the use of diagnostic modality is also very much essential.

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