The aim of this study is The careful administration of generous prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) has been a consistently changing scene with a plenty of novel technologies.1 The utilization of laser innovation to eliminate the prostatic momentary zone (TZ) transurethrally has filled significantly in ongoing years.2 This expanded usage has brought about an increment in the quantity of terms that are utilized to portray different laser procedures. This issue is intensified when the writing incorporates numerous terms for a similar procedure. The critical variety in term use among creators can confuse writing audits and presents difficulties in understanding the dangers and advantages of different procedures. Thusly, it has gotten important to rearrange and normalize the wording utilized in 532 nm laser prostatectomy to smooth out correspondence on these procedures.

The GreenLight laser framework has been of expanding interest to clinicians as of late given its general convenience and adaptability. Numerous methods have been created utilizing this innovation, some of which are comparable practically speaking yet depicted multiplely. Given the variety of terminology saw in the distributed writing, we tried to normalize language for the assortment of procedures utilized for the 532 nm laser in BPH medical procedure.

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