The various researches which have been conducted by innumerable labs and scientists reveal that up to 40 percent of the patients who have already taken radiation for the disease of pelvic malignancy is more likely to develop locoregional recurrence. Therefore, the only cure available for treating this abnormal growth of cells includes that stereotactic body radiotherapy is used in the oligometastatic setting. This really provides an ablative approach for curbing the menace of re-radiation. The research was conducted to showcase how far this particular treatment is for curing diseases and problems like such. The results concluded that in a situation wherein 30 patients were treated with stereotactic body radiotherapy, the primary tumor sites were rectum and prostate. Therefore, it is becoming essential to realize that people need to be extremely careful with respect to the type of diseases. Therefore, stereotactic body radiotherapy for the patients who are already suffering from oligometastatic is completely safe and sound. However, it must always be kept under consideration to ensure the size of the tumor doesn’t grow bigger and every possible attempt is made to ensure that the treatment becomes successful.

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