The main objective of this research is to study and review the use of steroid therapy in metastatic spinal cord compression also known as MSCC. There are two popular questions that it has arisen regarding steroid therapy. The first question was – What is the exact effect of steroid therapy before surgery for definite radiotherapy on ambulatory status, bowel & bladder function, and chances of survival? And the second one was – In cases of complication prevention of MSCC and the other neurological symptoms what are the best outcomes that can be AEE expected from steroid dosing regimens? Based on different research papers published in the past it can be observed that all kinds of generic steroid formulations are included with MSCC or malignant tumors or myelopathy.

The research has concluded that based on the available evidence initial dose of steroids can be associated with MSCC. But the effect of steroids can occur after definitive treatment. Although there are lots of studies remaining based on this topic. The doctors and researchers are still looking for proper evidence in favor of this. Once the researcher will get an affirmative result from that, they will describe these questions accordingly.