The challenges in video-assisted thoracic surgery for sublobar lung resection include difficulty in tumour localization by palpation and difficulty in determining appropriate resection lines. Virtual-assisted lung mapping (VAL-MAP), a bronchoscopic preoperative multispot lung dye-marking technique, allows for both tumour localization and determination of resection lines. To facilitate stapler-based resection, the AMAGAMI or ‘incomplete grasping’ stapler technique is useful to adjust the alignment of the stapler and resection lines. However, when the lung tissue to be stapled is thick, there is unavoidable uncertainty in the staple line inside the lung. We experimentally demonstrated that up to 1 cm of slippage of lung parenchyma occurs at stapling when the stapled lung tissue is >1 cm thick. VAL-MAP 2.0 is a new generation of VAL-MAP combining multispot dye markings with intrabronchial microcoil placement, allowing for 3-dimensional lung mapping and intraoperative navigation using fluoroscopy. The uncertainty of stapling in the lung parenchyma can be partly overcome by VAL-MAP 2.0.
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