The EccC enzyme of ESX-1 system contains (i) a membrane bound Rv3870 with single ATPase domain and (ii) a cytoplasmic Rv3871 with two ATPase domains and involved in secretion of ESAT6/CFP10 factor out of the cell. In current study, we have structurally and biochemically characterized the ATPase domain (442-747 residues) of Rv3870 enzyme. The ΔRv3870 eluted as oligomer (~813 kDa) from Superdex 200 (16/60) column, as identified based on molecular mass standard and dynamics light scattering. The SAXS analysis yielded a tetrameric ring envelope of ΔRv3870, quite consistent to dynamic light scattering data. The ΔRv3870 exhibited ATPase activity having kinetic parameters, K ~ 100 ± 40 μM, k ~ 1.81 ± 0.27 min and V ~ 54.41 μM/min/mg. ATPase activity using nine ΔRv3870 mutants showed 70-91% decrease in catalytic efficiency of the enzyme. ΔRv3870 binds Rv3871 with K ~ 484.0 ± 10.3 nM and its catalytic efficiency is enhanced ~6.7-fold in presence of Rv3871. CD data revealed the high T ~ 82.2 ± 0.5 °C for ΔRv3870 and enhanced in presence of ATP + Mg, as observed in dynamics simulation on ΔRv3870 hexameric models. Overall, our structural and biochemical studies on ΔRv3870 have explained the mechanism, which will contribute in development of antivirulence inhibitors against M. tuberculosis.
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