The Particulars: Optimal treatment approaches vary in the treatment of stable, multivessel coronary artery disease. Evolving technology, variable study designs, and differing interpretations of results are factors to this variation.
Data Breakdown: In a large, long-term study, researchers reviewed outcomes at 4 years follow-up for patients aged 65 and older who underwent CABG or PCI. Mortality was 21% lower for CABG patients than PCI recipients. CABG patients had a lower risk for heart attack, but PCI patients had a lower risk for stroke. CABG patients had a 19% lower risk for the composite outcome of stroke, heart attack, and/or mortality.
Take Home Pearls: Patients who undergo CABG appear to have lower overall risks for heart attack, stroke, and mortality when measured 4 years after their procedure. PCI, however, correlated with a lower risk for stroke than CABG. Patient education on treatment options prior to revascularization is paramount.