For a study, researchers sought to find that a parallel cooling plate cryolipolysis applicator was previously used to demonstrate the efficiency of cryolipolysis for pseudo gynecomastia. Although safe and effective, the procedure required prolonged treatment times, and anesthesia was necessary to reduce discomfort. To evaluate the safety, efficacy, and tolerability of a short cycle, decreasing vacuum contoured cup cryolipolysis applicator for treating pseudo gynecomastia. A total of 12 male volunteers had a single treatment that included 35 minutes of simultaneous bilateral cryo lipolysis, followed by a quick manual massage and a second 35-minute cycle with a 50% overlap of the treatment area. At the 6-week check-up, a second treatment was given, with up to 2 overlapping cycles per side. Efficacy was assessed after the second treatment using transcutaneous ultrasonography, standardized clinical photography, and subject surveys. An ultrasound analysis showed a decrease in the fat layer 5.1 ± 2.3 mm (P<001). Independent reviewers who were blinded made accurate identifications of 97% of the baseline/treatment photographic results. According to survey findings, every patient was wholly satisfied with the therapy, and 91% reported seeing visible fat loss. Paresthesia, tenderness and minor discomfort during treatment were transient side effects.  A lowered vacuum cryolipolysis applicator allows for the rapid, secure, efficient, and tolerable treatment of pseudo gynecomastia.

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