The people these days are becoming more and more prone to problems like chronic kidney diseases. These diseases are having the capacity to affect the functioning of the kidneys and thereby. They tend to have a very hazardous impact on the excretory system of the body as a result of which the toxins are not excreted out of the body as they should be. This leaves a very detrimental role in the health of the person. Many doctors recommend placing reliance on the medicine named as aspirin for curing the chronic kidney diseases in elder patients. However, there has not been any much research that might be in the position to unravel a positive link between these two variables. Therefore, a study aiming to prove the abovementioned results was conducted by taking a population of 400 patients. Most of the people in the sample were above the age of 70 years and were injected Aspirin in the quantity of 50 mL/min/1.73 meter square. The results highlighted that the patients who were elder were not in the position to show many changes after being given this medicine. There was hardly any decrease of even 1-2 percent for them. Hence, this was proved that this medicine is not having any impact on the elderly.

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