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“Here’s a prescription for the rash on your face; hopefully you can read my chicken scratch.”
“Sorry to keep you waiting, Mr. Chicken, but the egg came first.”
“No, I’m sorry I can’t give you a vaccine for the bird flu…”
“According to the tests, you’re dead, but your insurance still covers it, so come back in six months, and we’ll run some more tests”!
“So…you want to be a rooster?”
“No, Ms Little, the sky is not falling.”
“No, I’m sorry, your insurance won’t cover an epidural for egg laying.”
“You have the chicken pox!”
“Sorry, but I don’t think synvisc works on chickens”
“I’ve go good news and bad news. The good news is that ovulation at your age is completely normal. The bad news is that you’re gonna lay one of those suckers every day!”
“Let me crack your neck to loosen it – and make a wish”
“The last letters on the eye chart are not E-I-E-I-O!”
“Oh, so you crossed the road to get to my office…”
“I told my wife if she kept calling me an animal, this would happen”
“Oh, so you crossed the road to get to my office…”