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“Got this after a MMR shot ? Si, we’re gonna put this in the VAERS people will go bonker” – Anon


“You say you rubbed Holy Water on it?” – Nicholas DiNubile, MD


“I don’t think this will be a general wellness exam ” – Michael Davis


“According to the tests, your dead, but your insurance still covers it, so come back in six months and we’ll run some more tests”! – Tim Collins


“I don’t think this will be a general wellness exam.” – Michael Davis


“I recommend you stop eating HOLE grains.” – Anon


“Sure I believe in alternative medicine, but that must have been a BIG acupuncture needle.” – Nicholas DiNubile, MD”


“So what did you say your bowel movement looked like this am?” – Robert Vyge, MD


“I see the vasectomy went well” – Jim Evans


“As a medical professional, I’m going to have to take a picture of me sticking my head through this so I can post it on Facebook.” — Alex Fanning, MD


“So, I’ve looked through the results of your testing. It appears you have a giant hole in your body.”


“I needed to explain the risks and benefits of AV node ablation, Sir.” — Martha O’Leary, RN


“So…you say aliens did this to you?” – Morin Donaldson


“My goodness Gene…I would’ve asked for the enema first!” – R.T. Eillis, MD