There have been various studies conducted so far in order to measure the content of the alopecia in the patients who are prone to get infected by the deadly diseases of skin cancer. The content of melanoma is able to get infected and hence, enhanced due to increased content of abnormal cell growth. There have been various studies that have been conducted so far in order to unravel the effect of increasing abnormal cell growth on the ideal condition of cell and cell health. It was observed that the patients who have been suffering from the deadly disease of skin cancer are in the position to report for 52 percent of the cell growth which is abnormal and is able to report for 78 million parts per 1000 cells. However, there have been various therapies reported so far in order to measure and calculate the extent to which the therapy of alopecia will be helpful in curing the successful treatment of skin cancer in the best possible manner. The results have showcased that there will be an increase in the quantum of efficiency by 85 percent and at the last, there was also a possibility to provide for the best possible care.

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