Cancer is such a deadly disease that it is believed no person can be saved from its wrath. This is because of the reason that people do not take this disease in a casual manner. This disease is so deadly that it cannot be treated by just relying on some radio and chemotherapies. In requires, many additional treatments for ensuring that the disease is properly treated. These additional treatments involve the needful amount of support systems. The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer defines such supportive care as the one wherein the best possible effort is made to prevent the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment. Therefore, it is essential to realize that this treatment does not worsen the condition of people. Therefore, for the successful implementation of this treatment is to require that the medical departments of every country and state are able to establish the research departments for developing the treatment which is essential to realize that the people are able to get the best possible treatment which is able to save them from cancer and the after-effects of the treatment which might follow. A national strategy to implement this care is the need of the hour.

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