Intracardiac masses pose a difficult diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma. Indwelling catheters can lead to thrombus calcification causing untoward sequelae.
We report on a patient who presented after computed tomography identified a large calcified right atrial mass. Her history included treatment for rectal cancer and breast cancer, thus we feared the mass could represent metastasis. The intracardiac mass was successfully resected via a right atriotomy. Her postoperative course was uneventful and the histopathology revealed a calcified thrombus.
In this report we discuss our findings and pre- and intraoperative considerations, as well as suggestions for management of implantable venous catheters. This is a rare complication of an indwelling catheter.
Operative management of intracardiac lesions is the standard of care. When related to implantable catheters, the best patient care would be prevention of such lesions. This would include routine flushing of the indwelling catheters and prompt removal once not in use.

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