We describe the lateral approach to the surgical repair of a total anomalous pulmonary venous connection in this video tutorial. The goal of the operation is to create an unobstructed anastomosis between the pulmonary confluence and the left atrium, ligate the systemic venous connections, and close the atrial septal defect. After a median sternotomy and initial dissection of the structures surrounding the heart, cardiopulmonary bypass is initiated by aortobicaval cannulation. The patient is then cooled to attain mild hypothermia (30°C). The heart is arrested by a dose of antegrade cold cardioplegia. The right pleural cavity is opened widely. The heart is retracted and pushed into the right pleural cavity. The vertical vein is ligated near its connection with the innominate vein. An incision is made along the length of the confluence, stopping short of the individual pulmonary veins. The left atrial appendage is retracted, and the left atrium is opened in alignment with the opening in the confluence. The left atrium and the pulmonary confluence are anastomosed widely with 7-0 polypropylene suture material. The heart is put back into the mediastinum. Rewarming is started. The atrial septal defect is closed through the right atrium using a large untreated autologous pericardium patch. The patient is then weaned off cardiopulmonary bypass.
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