The authors describe thyroidectomy in a patient with multinodular toxic goiter stage V, severe thyrotoxicosis complicated by thyro-cardiac disease, strangulation syndrome and severe comorbidities. Nodular euthyroid goiter was first diagnosed in 1992, and resection of the right thyroid lobe was performed. Progressive enlargement of thyroid gland and thyrotoxicosis occurred after coronavirus infection in February, 2020. Along with progression of thyrotoxicosis and strangulation of cervical organs, the patient suffered from portal vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism. Myeloproliferative disease with essential thrombocythemia was also diagnosed. Volume of the right and left thyroid lobes was 69 and 101.3 cm, respectively. X-ray examination of the esophagus revealed narrowing at C6 level up to 5-8 mm. Surgery time was 2 hours, dimension of removed right thyroid lobe – 10.0×7.5×6.5 cm, left thyroid lobe – 11.0×6.5×5.5 cm, total weight – 348 g. The patient was discharged in 6 days after surgery.