A survey approved by the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) was sent to the academic deans of all 49 accredited veterinary colleges to obtain information on educational programs offered in integrative veterinary medicine (IVM). Results were compared to a previous survey with a similar design performed 7 years earlier. Survey responses were received from 43 of 49 institutions (87.8%). Thirteen respondents (30.2%) reported offering a formal course in IVM, 33 (76.7%) offered some level of instruction in the curriculum, and 32 (74.4%) provided clinical services in IVM. The most common IVM topics covered in the curriculum were rehabilitation and acupuncture. Dedicated courses in IVM had decreased since the previous survey, although faculty trained in at least one aspect of IVM increased. Clinical services incorporating IVM were present in the majority of veterinary teaching hospitals. Further investigation is required to determine the effectiveness of current IVM training in preparing veterinary graduates to discuss or utilize IVM in practice.