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Kesimpta – Multiple Sclerosis – Display Banners HCP Wallboard Extension – 22354

How to Gain Your Patients’ Trust

Physicians are charged with the tremendous responsibility of caring for patients. Within this dynamic, patients believe that physicians will act within the best interest of their health and will uphold patient privacy. The...

Diet Quality Influences Disability & Depression in MS

“ There is a growing interest in the role of modifiable lifestyle factors for their potential effects on MS risk and progression,” Steve Simpson-Yap, PhD, MPH, explains. “Of these, diet has garnered a significant interest in...

MS Prevalence Highest in Blacks & Whites

The prevalence of MS is similarly high in Black and White individuals and lower in Hispanic and Asian individuals, according to findings published in Neurology. Annette M. Langer-Gould, MD, PhD, and colleagues conducted a...

Economic Burden of MS in 2019: $85.4 Billion

The total economic burden of MS in the United States in 2019 was $85.4 billion, according to a study published in Neurology. Bruce Bebo, PhD, and colleagues made the estimate using a prevalence-based approach and claims from...

End-of-Life Planning: Your Patients Are Ready & They Need it

Many of us were drawn to medicine by a deeply compelling purpose: to save and improve lives. However, as physicians, our duty extends beyond disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment—we are also charged with helping our...



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