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NUCALA – ENT – Jul Display Banners HCP Wallboard Extension – 22928

Open Bedside Tracheostomy Remains Underused, Despite Safety

“ Tracheostomies are traditionally performed in the OR, but one of the drawbacks associated with OR tracheostomies is that you have to transport a critically ill patient,” Karla O’Dell, MD, notes. “Percutaneous tracheostomies...

Button Battery Ingestion Severely Injures Airways

Airway injuries are a severe consequence of ingesting button batteries (BBs), according to a review published in JAMA Otolaryngology -Head and Neck Surgery. Justine Philteos, MD, and colleagues conducted a systematic review of...

Q & A WITH DR. MEDLAW Liability in Your Office

When you work at your office, you are wearing two legal hats: physician and business owner. Failure to meet your medical duty to a patient carries liability for professional negligence, while a failure to keep your premises safe...

How Group Practices Can Prepare for Partial Retirement

According to an Association of American Medical College’s report, two out of five practicing US physicians will be older than 65 as this decade continues, and many will ponder partial retirement from a group practice. Partial...



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