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Diet Quality Influences Disability & Depression in MS

“ There is a growing interest in the role of modifiable lifestyle factors for their potential effects on MS risk and progression,” Steve Simpson-Yap, PhD, MPH, explains. “Of these, diet has garnered a significant interest in...

Primary Care Outreach Boosts COVID-19 Vaccination Rates

Primary care outreach using electronic and mailed messages increased COVID-19 vaccination rates among older Black and Latino adults, according to a study published in JAMA Network Open. Tracy A. Lieu, MD, MPH, and colleagues...

Clearing Up Pediatric Drowning Misunderstandings

During the summer, drownings are a significant concern among pediatricians and other medical professionals who care for children. Death and disability from drownings are legitimate fears and, unfortunately, are not rare. With...

The Mechanics of Selling a Medical Practice

Many decades ago, retiring physicians could seamlessly sell their practice to a young physician. While that is occasionally the case today, shifts within the business of medicine have significantly affected the buying and...



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