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Inability to Avoid Migraine Pain Causes Helplessness

Evidence indicates that pain avoidance behaviors are often heightened after recent pain events and can be disrupted when people experience uncontrollable stress. “This disruption can lead to maladaptive behaviors, including...

Patients With Migraine Have Balance Impairment

Patients with migraine have balance impairment, which is associated with fear of falls, dizziness disability, and kinesiophobia, according to a study published in Headache. Debora Bevilaqua-Grossi, PT, PhD, and colleagues...

Lessons Learned in a Year of Leadership Training

The following was edited for space from an original post by Kelly Cawcutt, MD, to her personal blog at Oh how COVID-19 has changed everything, right? Even if we feel things are back to normal, the truth is that...



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