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Early Skin Grafting Key to Healing Time for Pediatric Burns

Evidence indicates that it is critical to assess wound depth in patients who experience burns, as it can impact how a treatment strategy is selected. Partial thickness injuries can be classified according to depth as either...

Propranolol Safe & Effective in Adults

For severely burned adults, propranolol was  found to be safe and effective in reducing energy expenditure, accelerated partial burn wound and donor site closure, and limited hepatomegaly, but it does not affect hospitalization,...

Lessons Learned in a Year of Leadership Training

The following was edited for space from an original post by Kelly Cawcutt, MD, to her personal blog at Oh how COVID-19 has changed everything, right? Even if we feel things are back to normal, the truth is that...

Understanding & Managing a NonCompete Covenant

Restrictive non-compete covenants/agreements commonly appear in physician contracts to prevent working for competitors, with limitations that widely vary among covenants. For instance, geographic limitations of one covenant may...



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