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Risk Factors Identified for Diabetes Increase in PLHIV

Rapid increases in incident diabetes among people living with HIV (PLHIV) are associated with traditional and HIVspecific risk factors, according to findings published in AIDS. Amanda L. Willig, PhD, RD, and colleagues conducted...

Gender-Based Violence Impacts HIV Outcomes Among Women

Substance use serves as a mechanism through which gender-based violence (GBV) impacts HIV outcomes among women in the United States, according to findings published in AIDS. Amy Conroy, PhD, MPH, and colleagues examined...

Strong Cybersecurity Is Critical for Healthcare Practices

One of the most vulnerable areas in any industry, including healthcare, that is open to cyberattacks is email. If email is compromised, data breaches could be devastating, potentially even resulting in trouble with the federal...

Why Diversity & Inclusion Are Needed in Medicine

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, the authors equate teaching future doctors about “diversity, equity, and inclusion competencies” to “political re-education” and “wokeness.” They claim that “hyper-class and -racial...



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