Top 10 Best U.S. Hospitals, 2014-2015

Top 10 Best U.S. Hospitals, 2014-2015

U.S. News and World Report released its 2014-2015 lists of the top hospitals across the country. The best centers were ranked in 16 medical specialties, from cancer to urology, based on data for nearly 5,000 hospitals and results from surveys of nearly 10,000 physicians. Rankings were based largely on objective data on hospital performance, including patient survival rates and resources (eg, nurse staffing). Hospitals were also ranked by specialty. Those with very high scores in at least six specialties earned a spot on the Honor Roll. For the first time, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, claimed the No. 1 Honor Roll spot, barely edging out Massachusetts General Hospital. Johns Hopkins Hospital. Here are the top 10 on the Honor Roll (view all 17, including points and the number of high-ranking specialties): TOP 10 Honor Roll Hospitals 1    Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota 2    Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston 3    Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore 4    Cleveland Clinic 5    UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles 6   New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, New York 7    Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania-Penn Presbyterian, Philadelphia 8    UCSF Medical Center, San Francisco 9    Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston 10   Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago Source: U.S. News and World Report Only 144 hospitals were ranked in a specialty. Here are just some of the top 3 hospitals by specialty: Oncology #1 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center New York, NY #2 University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, TX #3 Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN Cardiology & Heart Surgery #1 Cleveland Clinic Cleveland, OH #2 Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN #3 New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and...

America’s Best Hospitals in 2013

According to a new report released this week from Healthgrades, of the nation’s 50 top hospitals in terms of patient outcomes, 21 (42%) are in 7 Midwestern states. And of the nation’s top 20 cities with the lowest in-hospital mortality rates, 12 are in the Midwest – and none are on the West Coast or in New England. Healthgrades names its “America’s Best Hospitals” by reviewing the 262 institutions that comprise the Distinguished Hospitals for Clinical Excellence in 2013 (the top 5% of hospitals in the nation). To be eligible for the Healthgrades Distinguished Hospital Award for Clinical Excellence, a hospital had to have been evaluated for its performance in at least 19 of the 27 Healthgrades procedures and conditions, based on Medicare inpatient data, including sepsis, bowel obstruction, hip replacement, back and neck surgery, and carotid surgery. The 100 best hospitals, in Healthgrades’ methodology, represent the top 2% of hospitals in the nation, earning the Clinical Excellence award for at least 4 consecutive years. To earn a spot on the “America’s 50 Best Hospitals” list (representing the top 1% of the nation’s hospitals), an institution must earn the award for at least 7 consecutive years. Based on Healthgrades statistics and analysis, from 2009 to 2011, if all other hospitals performed at the level of America’s 100 Best Hospitals, 165,636 lives could have potentially been saved. View the full report, including the list of America’s 100 Best Hospitals in...