Avoiding Readmission After CABG

Researchers from New York suggest that readmissions after CABG may be reduced through careful postoperative surveillance for risk factors and frequent causes of readmission. The study team found that cardiac and pulmonary...

Predicting Atrial Fibrillation After CABG

Postoperative atrial fibrillation (AF) occurs in 15% to 30% of patients who undergo isolated CABG. Patients who develop AF after these procedures are at risk for longer hospital stay, perioperative morbidity and mortality, and...

Annuloplasty Plus CABG Helpful in Mitral Regurgitation

When compared with CABG alone, CABG plus mitral annuloplasty in patients with moderate ischemic mitral regurgitation appears to have multiple benefits, according to findings from a small study. When compared with CABG alone, the...

Exercise Testing After PCI

Recurrent ischemia and cardiac events are common after PCI and CABG, signifying that coronary artery disease may still be progressing. Guidelines from the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association suggest...

Mortality Rates Similar for CABG Procedures

Among patients undergoing CABG, open vein-graft harvesting and endoscopic harvesting appear to have similar mortality rates. An observational study of more than 235,000 Medicare patients found long-term mortality rates of 13.2%...



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