Conference Highlights: CHEST 2010

The CHEST 2010 annual meeting offers clinical instruction in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. These features include research presented on diabetes drugs fighting lung cancer progression, how diet impacts COPD, and the role of electronic media in daytime function and sleep disorders. » Diabetes Drugs May Fight Lung Cancer Progression » Diet Impacts Lung Function in COPD » Electronic Media, Daytime Function, & Mood in Teens Diabetes Drugs May Fight Lung Cancer Progression The Particulars: Previous research has suggested an association between metformin and/or thiazolidinedione (TZD) use and the risk of developing lung cancer. A study was conducted to determine the influence of metformin and TZDs on lung cancer presentation and course. Data Breakdown: Researchers reviewed the medical records of 157 patients with diabetes who had a history of lung cancer. Patients who were exposed to either metformin or TZDs were significantly less likely to have metastatic disease (20.0% vs 42.4%) or a small cell or squamous cell carcinoma. They also demonstrated improved survival (hazard ratio, 0.56). There were no significant differences between the age, sex, and smoking histories of the group exposed to metformin or TZDs prior to their lung cancer diagnosis. Take Home Pearl: Use of metformin and/or TZDs appears to lower risks of advanced lung cancer. These medications also correlated with an improved survival rate among patients with diabetes who developed concomitant lung cancer. Diet Impacts Lung Function in COPD [back to top] The Particulars: The role antioxidants play in lung function in patients with COPD is unclear. A study was conducted to assess the role of antioxidants with regard to lung function in men and women with COPD. Data...