The Particulars: Treatment options are limited for patients with refractory high blood pressure (BP). Renal nerve ablation represents a potentially beneficial, minimally invasive option for this patient population.

Data Breakdown: In an Australian study, patients with refractory high BP were treated with radiofrequency ablation of renal artery nerves for 36 months. Of these, 41% had a diastolic BP of 140 mm HG or less and 45% had a diastolic BP under 160 mm Hg. Patients receiving the intervention also experienced an average reduction of 31 mm Hg in systolic BP. An immediate response to the procedure was observed in 69% of patients at 1 month, 96% at 30 months, and 94% at 36 months.

Take Home Pearl: Treatment of refractory high BP with renal nerve ablation appears to have long-term, sustained benefits in reducing BP.