Intraocular pressure (IOP) is the primary modifiable risk factor in the progression of glaucoma. The ICare HOME is a self-tonometer which empowers patients to measure their own IOP and allows a more complete picture of diurnal IOP. This project aims to determine the feasibility of teaching patients to perform self-tonometry remotely using a remote video link.
This prospective study involved 12 patients with glaucoma attending an outpatient ophthalmology clinic. Participants were provided with a rebound tonometer (Icare HOME) and instructions to attend remote teaching from home. An optometrist conducted a 30 min live video training session via NearMe with each patient. Following training, participants were asked to measure their own IOP, observed remotely by the optometrist. Successful participants were asked to take a series of home IOP measurements over 48 h. Questionnaires were used to evaluate perceptions on home tonometry and remote training.
Participants had an average age of 60.1 ± 15.5 years. 58% (7 of 12) were female. 83% (10 of 12) obtained successful diurnal measurements at home. All participants were happy with remote teaching, and none would have preferred training to be conducted face-to-face. All participants were interested in continuing home IOP monitoring.
Most patients were able to perform home tonometry successfully when taught remotely, with a success rate similar to previously reported rates for face-to-face teaching using the same device. Most participants were receptive to using video calling as a platform for teaching home tonometry.

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