Diabetics ‘Tearing Up’ Over New Test

Diabetics ‘Tearing Up’ Over New Test
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There may be new hope for patients with diabetes who dread the frequent blood draws and finger pricks required to monitor their blood glucose levels. A new electrochemical sensor device may be able to measure blood sugar levels from tears instead of blood, according to a report in Analytical Chemistry.

This new pain-free device uses tear glucose levels as an accurate reflection of blood sugar levels. An advance such as this could spare more than 350 million diabetes patients the discomfort of pricking their fingers for drops of blood to use in traditional blood sugar tests — a responsibility many consider painful enough to discourage regular testing.

Physicians often struggle to encourage patients to stay on top of their diabetes care. Devices that offer an alternative to the hand-held meters may increase testing compliance.

Physician’s Weekly wants to know…

  • Do you struggle to keep your diabetic patients on their treatment regimen?
  • Will an advance like this increase compliance?



  1. Most of my clients follow a treatment plan most of the time. But I fail to see how testing tears for glucose level will be an avenue for better “compliance” (I personally hate that term, because it is usually the health care providers who don’t find a path of mutual treatment decisions). People are going to cry five, six times a day? How do we make them cry regularly? Are they going to end up scratching their corneas to “cry”? This rates up there will total silliness. Fingerstick glucoses are NOT painful when done correctly, with fresh equipment and in the right place on the sides of the fingertips. Is it a pain to remember? Yes. Does it take some time? Yes. Crying to facilitate a glucose check is not going to erase those barriers.

    • Wonderful feedback, Alicia, thank you. Do you have any suggestions for physicians struggling to establish mutual treatment decisions?


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