The purpose of this review was to summarize the current literature about telemedicine in pediatric headache and to provide practical guidance for its implementation.
There are few studies dedicated to telemedicine in pediatric headache, and existing studies are small. Patients and families report high levels of satisfaction with telemedicine, and most are willing to continue telemedicine visits in the future. Telemedicine demonstrated similar reductions in headache frequency, severity, and duration as patients treated in-person. Remotely delivered psychologic interventions have some utility in reducing headache severity acutely. Families feel telemedicine reduces geographic and financial barriers to care. Telemedicine in pediatric headache is a growing field. While there is limited research available, it appears safe, efficacious, and feasible. Headache-related outcomes, including frequency, severity, and duration, were similar amongst telemedicine and in-person visits. Future studies should include larger sample sizes and detailed analysis of adverse outcomes.