Liver fibrosis is a process. This is one of those processes which are multifunctional in nature and has many traits that are capable of giving this confidence to the people that the liver injury which is of chronic nature, they are suffering with, could be cured by placing reliance on this process. Therefore, the most important constituents of the process of liver fibrosis are carbon tetrachloride. This element plays an important role in reviving the dead cells and the cells which are abnormal in nature. These elements try to cure the abnormal cells in the minimum possible time and no harm or any sort of side effect is reported on the liver. Therefore, one of the most important considerations is the fact that the people are relying on this process because it is not only based on organic inputs but at the same point in time, does not show any reported side effects. There have been various studies conducted wherein the people who were already having chronic liver injuries were given the injection of this element for 7 weeks. It was observed that there is a broad variation in the quality of the cells in the liver after the dosage was taken containing the element of carbon and chloride.

The study was able to show that this element has a rich source of the required proteins which play a very important role in ensuring that the people are provided with the best possible care in every manner.

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