The aim of this study is to assess any relation between spondylitis and aortic aneurysmal disease by reviewing the current literature.
A systematic search was undertaken using MEDLINE, EMBASE and CENTRAL databases till May 2019, for articles reporting on patients suffering from spondylitis and aortic aneurysm.
The most involved aortic segment was infrarenal aorta (56.9%). The lumbar vertebrae were more frequently affected (79.7%). Commonest symptoms were back pain (79.1%), fever (33.7%) and lower limb pain (29.1%). 55.8% of cases were diagnosed using computed tomography. The pathology was attributed to infectious causes in 25.1% of cases. 53.4% of patients were treated only for the aneurysm, 27.9% for both pathologies, while two patients solely for the vertebral disease. Endovascular aneurysm repair was chosen in 12.8% of cases. The 30-day mortality was 8.1% (7/86); mostly from vascular complications.
A synchronous spondylitis and aortic aneurysm may share common etiopathology, when an infectious or inflammatory cause is presented. The lumbar vertebrae are more frequently affected. Low quality data do not allow safe conclusion to suggest the best treatment option.

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