Cervical kyphosis is one of the rare conditions of spine disease that can cause different significant functional disabilities. It can also be the cause of Myelopathy. It has always been a big challenge for neurosurgeons to decide the appropriate treatment for this kind of deformity. In this case, the patient mostly has axial neck pain just like the other coexisting Myelopathy and radiculopathy. But in the case of cervical kyphosis, a comprehensive surgical plan can be the best option to get rid of it.

Cervical kyphosis is divided into two parts, one is fixed and the other one is flexible. For the flexible issues, the problem can be completely curable or partial. The partially curable patients need traction in order to make it completely curable. In some cases, traction can only be the partial correction of this disease. But most of the time it can be completely curable with traction. The patients with fixed cervical kyphosis have several problems like anterior ankylosis facet ankylosis etc. As mentioned that in most cervical kyphosis cases the best treatment is to place traction with minimum surgery. But the most important thing is to diagnose the disease accurately as it has symptoms similar to other axial neck pain.

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