The introduction and spread of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in North America resulted in significant death loss in the swine industry. As the industry learned how to manage this disease many new risks were identified, including the potential for feed and feed ingredients to become contaminated and spread PEDV. In addition, biosecurity practices were reevaluated and strengthened throughout the industry. At the time of the outbreak epidemiologists did not understand, as well as they are understood today, all the risk factors that contribute to the spread of PEDV. As a result, the epidemiological investigations into the 2014 PEDV outbreak in eastern Canada may not have investigated all risk factors as thoroughly as they would be investigated today. In retrospect, many of the Bradford-Hill criterion used to determine causation were not fulfilled. This review identifies risk factors that were not included in the 2014 epidemiology. If these risk factors were included in the epidemiology, the conclusions and determination of causation may have been different.
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