The most important consideration at this point of time is the fact that the people gave to look after their diet in the best possible way and at the same time ensure that every possible attempt is made to protect it from the incidence of the diseases which might follow if the body is not cured. Therefore, it is imperative to provide for the diseases which are related to bowel since their occurrence has increased over the past time. In addition, there has been an incidence in the purpose of ensuring that these inflammations are cured with the help of antibiotics. Therefore, for this purpose, various studies have been conducted in toto for proving this. 18RNA bands were taken of different species in order to conduct a trial. The result followed that the attenuated HFrD mediated DSS enzymes which are present in the antibiotics are somewhere the reason why the death rate of the problem is increasing in every possible manner. Therefore, the results highlight that reliance on antibiotics is causing an increase in the death rate by up to 8 percent. However, on the other hand, reliance and dependence on dietary fructose have the capacity to cure the infection and hence, increase the chances of recovery.

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