There have been increasing incidences of the deadly disease of cancer wherein the people are losing their lives at an attenuated rate. Therefore, an attempt is made to conduct the studies using 548 patients who are infected with the subcorneal pustular dermatosis which is a different and rare kind of skin cancer. There have been studies to prove that this type of cancer only prevails in 5-9 percent of the population. This kind of cancer is known for the embedding feature. The aim of this feature is to provide for the illusion to the person that he or she is perfectly fine. The research has showcased that the patients who are suffering from this deadly disease have been reported to have a deficit in RNA sequencing up to the range of 0-10 million parts per mitochondria. Hence, in the population was taken, 47 percent were infected with this disease and add a more decreased number of proteins nearly 4 million parts per one cell as compared to 53 percent of the population which has cancer, however, the proportion of their proteins was more and around 10 million parts. Therefore, an attempt is made to develop the required medications to cure this menace in the best possible manner without risking the life of any person in any manner.

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