Shaft cell hemangiomatosis is a favorable multifocal vascular multiplication that generally happens in the distal furthest points. It is a moderately uncommon ailment and causes challenges in clinical analysis and differential determination of venous distortion. We reflectively evaluated the clinical history, and clinical highlights, imaging highlights, obsessive highlights, and follow up of 11 patients determined neurotically to have axle cell hemangiomatosis after a medical procedure. There are two sorts of clinical appearances in axle cell hemangiomatosis in the distal furthest points: bleb‐like knobs and varix‐like knobs. Bleb‐like knobs are generally cursorily situated in the palm or interphalangeal joints with a clear drain in injuries and primarily made out of enormous spaces as opposed to shaft cells. Regardless of the propensity to grow new injuries, there are no remaining sores at the careful site during follow up. Bleb‐like knobs in the palm and interphalangeal joints are an average clinical appearance in shaft cell hemangiomatosis which can help make clinical and a differential analysis of venous contortion.

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