The utility of any database or registry depends on the completeness and accuracy of the data it contains. This report documents the validity of data elements within DataDerm, the clinical registry database of The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). An external audit of DataDerm, performed by a third-party vendor, involved the manual review of 1,098 individual patient charts from calendar year 2018 from 8 different dermatology practices that utilized 4 different electronic health records (EHRs). At each site, 142 discrete data fields were assessed, comparing the data within DataDerm to the source data within the EHR. Data that were audited included three domains of data elements (diagnoses, medications, procedures), and a performance measure (i.e., “Biopsy Reporting Time – Clinician to Patient”), which is one of several measures used by DataDerm as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR). Completeness of data was 95.3% overall, with a range among practices of 90.6% to 98.5%. Accuracy of data was 89.8% overall, with a range of accuracy among practices of 81.2% to 94.1%. These levels of completeness and accuracy exceed rates in the literature for EHR-based registries and provide validation regarding the excellent quality of data in DataDerm.
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