Oligoprogression is specifically the kind of disease wherein a new concept has taken birth with respect to describing progression at only a few sites of metastasis is observed. Overcoming such a disease is becoming a challenge these days especially in the light of the fact that the medicines which are required to treat this disease are able to ensure that the people are in the position to develop resistance in their body. Therefore, the most important consideration for them at this moment is to ensure that this disease is cured with the help of the technology wherein the resistance is not developed to a greater extent. For this, the best treatment which is available is that of the stereotactic body radiotherapy. This therapy is very helpful in putting up a tough front against such a deadly disease. This can be used to target multiple tumor sites in one go. Therefore, it is not only time effective but also cost-effective in the maximum possible manner. However, there is not much literature available in this regard. Therefore, one needs to take care that this disease is able to cure itself in the best possible manner.

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