This study was conducted to determine the effect of acupressure on the severity of thirst and quality of life of patients receiving hemodialysis treatment.
This study was carried out in a randomized-controlled way to define the effect of acupressure performed on CV-23, SJ-17, Kid-1 acupuncture points for 15 min three times a week for six weeks on the intensity of thirst and quality of life in patients on hemodialysis. The second phase of the study was carried out as a qualitative study using an individual interview technique and a semi-structured questionnaire form before and after the acupressure with the intervention group patients in the study. The study was completed with 60 patients.
The weekly increase in the amount of saliva and the weekly decrease in the Visüel Analog Scala (VAS)-VAS thirst level in the individuals in the intervention group compared to those in the placebo group were found to be significant (P < .05). In the 1st and the 6th week assessments the difference between the intervention group and the placebo group in terms the mental component sub-dimension of the Quality of Life scale was found to be significant (P < .05), but difference between all other sub-dimensions and total averagescores was not found to be significant (P < .05).
It was determined that acupressure applied to the CV-23, SJ-17, Kid-1 acupuncture points with an acupressure device increased the amount of saliva, decreased the severity of VAS thirst and affects positively of quality of life except the mental component sub-dimension.