There have been various studies that have been conducted so far in order to access the number of cases of hypertension which are increasing with every passing day. There have been cases wherein the problem of hypertension is available for haunting the people in the worst possible manner. There have been cases wherein the people are trying their best to stay aloof of this. The studies have been conducted using the population consisting f the people from all the age groups which are lesser than the age of 50 years. The studies propined the efficacy of enhancing the amount of SBP in dapagliflozin in medicine for curing hypertension because it is the best way to cure the damage of the people. The 10 mg per day dosage is likely to increase the benefits in the best possible manner and hence, assure that there is a chance of proving the best for all. This medicine is able to cure the menace of hypertension of up to 85 percent.

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