To evaluate the effect of various media and Iridex MicroPulse P3 (MP3) probe angles on the power output from the Cyclo G6 Glaucoma Laser (G6) System. A laser power meter was used to measure the power output (milliwatts, mW) of the Cyclo G6 System. Each of the ten trials consisted of measurements in six different media: no substrate, balanced salt solution (BSS), artificial tears (AT), tetracaine eye drop, lubricating ointment, and lidocaine gel. The output of the MP3 probe was measured at an angle of 90° and 45°, submerged in the respective media. The output was also measured with the probe held at 90° but above the medium. The mean power outputs with the probe being held at 90° to the sensor with no substrate, BSS, AT, tetracaine eye drop, lubricating ointment, and lidocaine gel were 358 ± 16.8 mW, 612 ± 14.2 mW, 613 ± 13.3 mW, 612 ± 14.0 mW, 620 ± 9.9 mW, and 610 ± 12.2 mW, respectively. These values were statistically higher than noncontact and 45° probe angles for each medium. The values between any two media (excluding no substrate) at a 90° probe angle with full contact were not statistically significant. The highest output of the G6 System was obtained with a 90° probe angle, with full contact and any of the coupling media.