This stu­dy was done with a purpose to determine the effectiveness of Let­ro­zo­le-Electroacupuncture adjuvant therapy in reducing the Resistance Index and Pul­sa­ti­li­ty Indices in women with PCOS.

This analytical ob­servational study with a cohort approach included women aged 20-45 years based on age, BMI, and pe­riod of infertility aspects as inclusion criteria. The sample con­sisted of 30 people who were divided into 2 groups, name­­ly group 1 with letrozole therapy, while group 2 with additional electro­acu­punc­ture therapy and then carried out pre- and post-interven­tion exa­mi­nations on day 19 and 21. The depen­dent variables were the Resist­ance Index value and the Pulsaitility Index value. The inde­pendent vari­­ables were Letro­zole and Electro­acupuncture therapies. The Resistance and Pulsatility Indices we­re measured using USG transabdominal Color Dop­­pler Voluson P6. The data were analyzed using the Mann Whitney test.

The Pul­satility Index for group 1 on day 21 was higher than group 2, and it was statistically sig­ni­fi­cant.

The study concluded through its findings that Letrozole-EA therapy reduces the Resistance and Pulsatility In­dices.