Multiple sclerosis (MS) relapses are often treated with short pulses of high dose corticosteroids. Previous literature demonstrates corticosteroids can increase blood pressure (BP). There are few studies regarding effects of high dose, pulse corticosteroids on BP when treating MS relapses.
To investigate the effect of high dose pulse corticosteroids for MS relapses on BP and determine factors that may influence development of acute hypertension.
In this open-label pilot study, adult patients with a diagnosis of MS were enrolled if determined to be having a relapse that would meet criteria for corticosteroid treatment. BP was monitored sequentially over the course of their corticosteroid treatment and correlations were made with demographic data, including past medical and family history.
22 subjects contributed data. Higher daytime BP was noted in subjects with a past personal (p = 0.007) or family history of hypertension (p = 0.037). Nighttime BP recordings did not show the normal 10% drop and nocturnal diastolic BP was within a hypertensive range during corticosteroid treatment.
MS patients may be at risk of increased BP when treated with corticosteroids for relapses. Those with a past or family history of hypertension may be at higher risk and may warrant more frequent monitoring.

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