Researchers conducted this study to review the evolution of the procedure, the reoperation rate, and efficacy data for vasectomies performed in Marie Stopes centers during 1990-1994 and 1995-1999.

The study design was a retrospective review of re-operation rates and primary and secondary failure periods 1990-1994 and 1995-1999.

The study setting was Marie Stopes vasectomy centers in the UK.

A total of 41 123 men undergoing vasectomy participated in the study.

The re-operation rate for the period 1990-1994 was 0.7% and fell to 0.46% for 1995-1999. The reported pregnancy rate fell from 1 in 1429 procedures for 1990-1994 to 1 in 2804 for 1995-1999.

The study concluded that vasectomy had a low failure rate well below other birth control methods. The outcome data continue to improve over time with the evolution of improved techniques and surgical expertise. Further researches are required to explore the development of the Marie Stopes electrocautery no-scalpel vasectomy procedure. It is necessary to understand the Marie Stopes electrocautery no-scalpel vasectomy procedure to provide the clients with better services and health care guidance. This might increase treatment efficiency.