This review provides a framework for primary care physicians, internists, family doctors, NP’s, PA’s, and oncologists caring for women-henceforth referred to as Women’s Health Specialists-to identify and screen patients who may be at high risk for inherited cancer syndromes; an intervention referred to as previvorship care. For women who undergo risk-reducing oophorectomy, survivorship care is critical to optimizing quality of life thereafter. In this paper, we review management of the unique survivorship needs and management options for women at risk for or with a cancer diagnosis, highlighting the importance of interdisciplinary care.
To review the available previvorship and survivorship management strategies, a Pub Med search was performed using keywords “survivorship,” “genetics,” “cancer,” “menopause,” “hormone therapy,” “screening” in addition to review of guidelines, position statements and expert, and committee opinions from the American College of OBGYN, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, The North American Menopause Society, the National Comprehensive Cancer Network , and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.
Women’s Health Specialists are in a unique position to identify and screen women who may be at risk for inherited cancer syndromes as well as provide necessary survivorship management following transition from their oncologists’ care.

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